Don't Let Overgrown Trees Take Over

Invest In Professional Tree Trimming

Don't Let Overgrown Trees Take Over

Invest In Professional Tree Trimming

There’s a lot that goes into keeping your yard healthy and thriving. Thankfully, Brawner’s Tree Service is here to help. While our team is based in Battle Creek, MI, we’re proud to offer affordable residential and commercial tree services throughout the greater Calhoun area and its surrounding counties. We also provide free estimates on all of our services so you can budget accordingly before making your final decision. Veterans, senior citizens, nurses, firefighters and teachers can also take advantage of our discounts.

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Serving The Greater Calhoun Area And Surrounding Counties

Keeping your property in great shape can be time-consuming, which is why it’s often better to hire a pro. We have over a decade of experience with a variety of tree services. You can call on our team for…

  • Tree trimming
  • Tree pruning
  • Tree removal
  • Landscape maintenance
  • Land clearing

Since we provide both residential and commercial tree services, it’s easy to keep any property in beautiful condition. Contact us today to set up an appointment.

Offering 24/7 Emergency Services

Sometimes you can't wait until regular business hours for commercial or residential tree services. If you're worried about a sick or damaged tree, we'll be there to help in a matter of minutes. Our emergency tree removal response team will take care of it for you.

Call (269) 419-3157 today to schedule commercial or residential tree services for your property.